Humans & Places – the AltPitch PLATFORM

This Event has already happened
Three artists present their commissions for the AltPitch Festival-21 that explore the human connection with location, place and environment.

This event is inviting the audience to engage in an active conversation about how humans experience the environments in which they exist. Three artists present three very different artworks reflecting on their own connection with their surroundings, using digital technology.

SYNTROPY 360 by Allie Joy

SYNTROPY 360 is an immersive media piece used as a relaxation aid. Nature is one of our greatest tools to reduce anxiety and induce a state of relaxation. Beautiful art and music generate positive emotional states. Positive emotions benefit physical and mental health, cognition and relationships. Allie will present her work and will invite the audience to reflect on the effect it has on people.

EDGELAND by Ruby Colley

EDGELAND focuses on four points of interest in and around the Bulverhithe seaside walkway train depo and industrial estate in St Leonards-by-Sea. The people that live there, work there and pass through it. This is explored primarily through sound. Ruby Colley will be screening her audio-visual work. Followed by a discussion with the audience on our response to edgelands around us. How this relates to our understanding of modern environments and the climate crisis. Finishing with Q&A.


TRANSCENDENCE is a dance theatre film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s tragedy SALOMÉ. Through this dark, voyeuristic lens EDIFICE Dance Theatre explores themes of gender, sexuality, morality and death. The film is a collaboration with award-winning director Alfred George Bailey, couture designer Jess Eaton and was shot on location in the three-storey 14th-century monastery of Alex MacArthur Interiors. The project producer Tom Sitton will present this project focusing on the role the ancient monastery and its innovative modern interior played in its creation.

Presented by the AltPitch Festival producer Anastasia Witts.

All ages – Under 16, must be accompanied by an Adult.